Outfit #1-Mom Jeans

TopShop Moto Mid-Blue Mom Jeans


I decided to start with the jeans. I picked up this pair of  mom jeans this past week at Talieze. Best part was they were half off! Worst part was I got home and realized they had already been cut off and hemmed shorter .
Thankfully they had left a considerable amount for me to let down, and mom jeans are worn cuffed or short to begin with. I started by seam ripping out the hem and ironing it flat. Then turning the jeans inside out I gauged how much I would need to take in the legs to give it the appropriate look. I found these nifty craft clips at the dollar store they are perfect for quickly clipping and looking at the results before adding pins (and you don’t poke yourself). IMG_8320[1]
From there I used a standard mechanical pencil and drew a straight line from the thigh to the ankle. Some tutorials say to contour it to fit your shape, but I was ok with a straight leg look. From there all it took was a quick zip of my sewing machine and a try on to determine if I liked the shape.
Here my right leg is done. You can see how I have tapered the leg. Sadly even after letting out the hem they were still slightly short on me. I decided I liked the taper and decided to do the other leg as planned. I quickly tried them on again then made another straight stitch to reinforce the original one, and a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying. From there I cut off the excess fabric and ironed a new hem for the bottom. I had to go around the hem twice because the stitching on these jeans is a rather light off white and I wanted it to look as unmodified as possible.
So there you have it first outfit piece done! I am quite happy with how they turned out. I might distress the new side seam and hem to make them look more true to the jeans.

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