New Look Blue Ditsy Floral Print High Neck Swing Dress


I decided to start with the swing dress because ever since it has gotten above freezing I have been a dress fiend! Last summer I purchased a couple of Brandy Melville dresses and fell in love with the swing dress style.
I found this plus size women’s blouse at the goodwill outlet and knew it would be perfect for a swing dress! Granted I had to look past the sky high shoulder pads! Another issue was that as is it wasn’t quite flowy enough to be a true swing dress, but I had a plan. Since this was to be a sun dress the sleeves were going to be coming off anyway so why not form triangles and add them to the sides?!? As always I had some help with this.
He may not be able to sew but he makes a great paperweight! In addition to taking off the sleeves I also took off the collar in order to lower the neckline of the dress. I knew I wanted to do something rather cool with the straps to make this dress truly a stand out in my wardrobe. I will admit that I at first attached straps that were a bit different but after wearing it around the house to test the fit I decided that they would need to be changed. I am beyond happy that I did because I think what I came up with on the second attempt is a far better idea.
I am extremely happy with how this dress has turned out, and I think I may make a few more!

One thought on “Outfit #2 – FLORAL SWING DRESS

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