From Pregnancy to Poolside



OK first off before anyone gets any ideas I am not expecting. I actually didn’t know that this was a pregnancy top till I started seam ripping it and took a close look at the tag! Needless to say I felt kinda silly because I was really confused as to why this top fit so funny.


Moving on! I love the super fun floral print so decided to make a cute trapeze dress/ swim cover. I started by removing the sleeves. Then turning them into what will be the ties and the loop piece for the front and the back ties to go through. Forgive the threads I missed a few before my photo shoot.


Then I simply sewed up the arm holes and added on the loop to the front and the back. I threaded through a strap at the front and back and tied them together at my shoulders. I wanted to keep it adjustable so I have the ability shorten them and wear it as more of a top if I want.


So there it is short sweet and fabulous! I cant wait to wear it to lounge by the lake or pool!


As always till next time stay creative everyone!


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