Two for One Refashion

001I LOVE sharing my refashions with people, and no matter how I am introduced to people it is usually one of the first things they find out about me. Because of this I am constantly receiving items to refashion from friends which is amazing! After my last yoga pants to bike shorts refashion I was given these gray wide leg pants from a friend who had replaced them in her wardrobe. She had accidentally sliced a hole in the thigh of these which was at the perfect length to make shorts out of! I know I just did a yoga pants to bike shorts refashion so I wont go particularly in depth about that repeat refashion, but with the leftovers I made a simple companion turban headband!


For these bike shorts I made them slightly longer and with a thicker hem. The thicker hem arose from the leg on these pants being narrower and the fabric being thinner and stretchier than the last pair.


That gave me the leftover legs for a matching headband! I decided to make a tunic style one using this tutorial from Do It Yourself Divas as inspiration! The leg seam was in the perfect place for me to make a headband out of half of one leg. I simply cut around the seams then folded it in hot dog style to get my two pieces.

Then I simply used a zig zag stitch to create two tubes then I turned them right side out.

Once they were both turned the right way I folded them into each other. then gathered all the strands together right sides together and sewed them all together. I will more than likely add a piece to cover the raw edges. This isn’t particularly necessary because the raw edges are against my head, but it looks finished. I will probably leave it for now because I want to wear it a few times to make sure I like the fit.

And there you have it!


As always stay creative till next time!

P.S. Yes Rio is smelling my leg in the after photo! If you can’t tell he is a total goofball and always feels the need to be in the photos!


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