Dress Code Ufta

So last week my big boss made an impromptu visit to my office. Unfortunately neither my coworkers or my manager were adhering to our “dress code”. In turn this week the big boss sent out a new dress code form for us to sign. Now to be clear my office is in a truck stop, and our door is literally 15 feet from showers. I don’t disagree with having a dress code by any means, and I LOVE to dress up. Sadly this one is rather constraining and I am at odds with it especially with the high temps and humidity that we have been experiencing lately. Not to get into to many specifics but I don’t want to wear hose when it is 100 degrees out. My one saving grace is that I typically work the graveyard shift and I have been told it is pretty much casual Friday everyday, but for the next few weeks my shifts will be crazy because of peoples vacations. Ok long story short I purchased stuff to make a new quirky work wardrobe.

Now I will admit that not all of this is for a new work wardrobe. I got an absolutely amazing vintage kimono, and a huge roll of this edging which I may use as a stripe on a cigarette pant but mostly because it was just cool. In total I got:

  1. Men’s Oscar de la Renta dress pants
  2. Men’s Herringbone dress pants (tags on)
  3. A full men’s suit (jacket and pants)
  4. Retro feeling tweed jacket
  5. Gray men’s button down
  6. Short sleeve silk top
  7. Salmon women’s crop sleeve blazer
  8. Teal shoulder padded blouse
  9. Funky tapestry vest
  10. Vintage super cute kimono
  11. HUMUNGUS roll of edging


How cute are these little guys!

So all in all I got 12 pieces for 17.20! Before anyone asks why so much menswear that is what was there and I fell for the fabrics, patterns, and textures. I find it very odd the differences in men’s and women’s dress clothing. Unfortunately (yet somewhat fortunately for you) there is only 1 piece that I am totally 100% sure is ready to wear, but I’m up for the challenge! I will also be pulling a few other items out of my refashion stock to work in! Stay tuned for the progress!




2 thoughts on “Dress Code Ufta

  1. barb says:

    Is this legal?
    I know someone is totally being harassed by her boss over her appearance at work.
    She is posting on the interwebs about her new office wear. A lot of Star Trek uniforms.
    Good luck!


    • sew892 says:

      Ha Ha that’s awesome! I would love to see what she is doing! I was thinking of doing a steampunk thing, but it’s been so hot I would die in tweed. I’m not sure if it’s 100% legal or not my coworker is looking into it. I have a feeling that these rules were always in place at my job and my boss just decided to not follow them. I will be posting my fist refashion soon stay posted! As always I love your comment!


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