Darn Darning!

OK I actually find darning a bit therapeutic (along with seam ripping). Which is kind of a good thing with it comes to my vintage style! Recently I was asked how to fix a hole in knits. I feel like that half way jinxed me because the next amazing vintage cardigan I had to have turned out to have a hole in it. I guess it’s time for a quick tutorial! Now I will fully admit I don’t crochet or knit so before anyone starts to laugh at me I am doing what I know.


Look at how pretty these colors are! Look at this unattractive hole! I needed to fix this amazingly chunky cozy cardigan!


I dove into my stash of threads and pulled out a burnt oragne that I used on my suede skirt refashion (note to self that was amazing and I need to show you guys) and a gray that I used on the gray yoga pants to shorts refashion a few posts ago.


I took both threads and doubled them up to make them resemble the yarn without being that bulky. The previous owner seem to have knotted the broken threads together keeping the sweater from unraveling, but not really fixing the hole. I worked with the inside of the cardigan leaving the tails of the thread out so I could knot it in the end. I then wove the thread in and out of the knit.


Going back and forth I created row after row of weaved in and out of the knit. It is important to look at the outer view of the knit if you are worried you went to far. This is especially true if your thread colors aren’t right on.


When you are done creating your rows it is time to start weaving in and out columns. I am sorry the photos get hard to see what is being done.


This example is from a 1941 British clothing ration booklet. I was unable to link to the original blog, but I found it here in a blog post created on Colette by Zoe Edwards.


To finish it off I just simply pulled the threads together just a bit, then knotted the starting thread with the ending. It looks just a tad bumpy on the inside, but you need to keep in mind the original bump of the yarn being knotted together.


This is the outside of the cardigan. Can you tell where the hole was? Little hind it is smack dab in the middle of the photo.


How cute is it?!? I know it is the middle of summer, but I think it will be a perfect addition to my sweater hoard collection. Although this is not a refashion I think it is a job well done! Until next time stay creative!


4 thoughts on “Darn Darning!

    • sew892 says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! I’m not exactly sure if this is 100% correct but I have darned a few things and they seem to be holding up well so far! I guess that is the only thing that matters!


  1. barb says:

    You did a great job darning.Could not find the hole.
    Love the buttons on the sweater, well I love older wool sweaters.
    Who gets rid of these?


    • sew892 says:

      I like to think that they’ve belonged to retirees that are moving to Florida and they no longer need their amazing wool sweaters and coats! 😜 Thanks for your comment!


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