All Doily-ed up


This refashion is far from work wear! I refashioned this a few weeks ago, but I have been neglecting to post it because I wanted to take a few better photos. I originally purchased this shirt to use as fabric, but there was something very lovely yet strange about the embroidery on the chest. That was about all that was good about this top. It felt like a combination of a hairdressing smock and something a cult leader may wear?


I always take the worst in progress photos! Granted this could be because I work on these things from Midnight-5am and I plain forget. So basically for this refashion I ripped all the seams besides the ones connecting the neck to the front of the dress. To add interest to this top I decided to reach into my doily/hanky stash. On a related note if anyone would like doilies/embroidery/cross stitch peaces seriously give me a shout! I buy them every time I see them in the goodwill outlet so I probably have around a hundred and will never use all of them! I decided this white square with a subtle cross pattern would be perfect for the back! Since I seam ripped the back of the collar I just slipped the doily inside the collar.


I made the armhole go completely from the neckline to the rib-cage to give it an edgy vibe.


From there I turned the arm fabric upside down and created a gusset type side panel to give it far more flow. In the photo above you can see it as the trapezoidal shape.This is one of my staple tricks to make things bigger!

image2 (1)

I took the existing back panel and pleated it to the size of the doily and attached it. Then all that was left was to sew the back to the side gussets.

Here is the final look!

From the front!

FullSizeRender (2)


From the side!

FullSizeRender (1)

And last but not least from the back!

FullSizeRender (3)

I am overall rather happy with how it turned out and if the weather stays hot and humid I may need to make a few more! The one thing I am not in love with is its length. If it was a few inches longer it could be a dress, but I think once the weather chills it will be nice to wear with skinny jeans. I might refashion a pair of distressed denim shorts just to wear with this top. Any thoughts? I would love to hear from everyone! Till next time stay creative!


4 thoughts on “All Doily-ed up

  1. J says:

    I love how you added the doily to the back of the shirt….awesome idea! I would be thrilled to receive a few pieces from your stash so that I can try it too 🙂


    • sew892 says:

      Thank you! I love this top and am thinking about making another! It is a fantastic way to showcase such pretty things. As always I appreciate your comment!


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