Ghosts of Shoulder Pads Past

The Blazer:

This piece wasn’t in my shopping spree, but it is an item I purchased recently! I will fully admit that I was terrified to try to fix the shoulders. I watched a few tutorials and was not confident by any means! Never the less I love the colors and the suede details. I figured worse comes to worse I can make a dog coat out of it!

I started by ripping out the shoulder seam and ripping out a shoulder pad. The right hand photo shows the blazer with the shoulder pad taken out of the shoulder with the breast pocket. The slope of the shoulder can clearly be seen on that shoulder.

I then took the shoulder pad out of the other arm and took the shoulder hem in about half an inch in a circular seam. As you can see by the photo on the left the shoulder is very pointy on the right it is more of a fluid circle.

Needless to say there was a LOT of shoulder pad in this blazer!


The Blouse:

Ok I am not positively in love with this blouse I find its pockets really strange.


Pushing forward from that I really liked the color and I think it could work into my work wardrobe well, but not with these warped icky shoulder pads.


The Top:

I apologize that this was soooo wrinkled! Of all the refashions this had the tiniest shoulder pads, but yet they still bade a difference. I’m not sure what was going on in the 80’s (I only spent a month there) but these pads could clearly be seen through this thin silk.


The Look:

As always till next time stay creative!


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