From Bottom to Top

Just a quick refashion for today! I am gearing up for vacation (if you are going home does that qualify????) and I could use a few new items to add to my suitcase. This is the first one! Have you ever picked up an item and fell in love with the print? Well that’s what happened with this skirt! Unfortunately….


It fits one of my thighs. I kid you not…


OK it wasn’t a snug fit but you get the idea. I also don’t prefer to wear this type of skirt anyway so I decided to do a 180….literally. I turned it upside down.

I used the waistband of the skirt as the bottom band of this crop top. When I cut the skirt I made it wider for the front of the top than the back. Then I made a simple hem all the way around. For the straps I took the bottom existing hem of the skirt and folded it over and cut it at the existing seams. Fortunately the straps were long enough to allow me to make a cross in the back. The final addition to the top was to create a ruching in the front for a further vintage vibe.


For these photos I paired it over a black bandeau, but depending on what you were wearing any color could look nice. Sorry for not taking more photos I made it at around 4am. I am quite happy for such a fast refashion. The only thing I am slightly disappointed in is the fold over on the left side looks like a bit of a mistake because it is white, but the right side folds the same just with a patterns so it looks better. As always I need to throw in a dog photo!


As always till next time stay creative!


4 thoughts on “From Bottom to Top

  1. Mother Deer says:

    Great idea…cute results. I can relate to the “one thigh” scenario. Now I’ll have to rethink the small stuff šŸ™‚ Have a fun trip!


    • sew892 says:

      I was debating if I should put that in there but I thought it was tooooo funny not to! Thank you so much for you comment, and I’m sure my trip will be fantastic! šŸ™‚


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