From Long Sleeve to LBD!

This is my favorite refashion that I have done recently! I found this men’s XXL long sleeve t-shirt at the goodwill outlet and fell in love with how soft it was! I knew it could be turned into something fantastic!


I swear I’m wearing bike shorts in this photo! To start with I knew I wanted to make it sleeveless so I seam ripped the sleeves off and disassembled them. Then I ripped out the side seams of the torso.


I have another black swing dress that I used in my Outfit #2 Floral Swing Dress as a pattern. I laid out my pieces on the floor and then simply put the other dress on top as a template.


It is somewhat hard to see because both items are black but you get the idea.


I traced around the arm holes and just below to get the angle for the sides of the dress. After a quick snip to get them the right shape I put a simple hem on the armholes. After working with it I decided to not just make a simple mock necked swing dress. The plan had been to trim the shoulder curve of the detached arms to recreate the swing, but I decided to just put a simple hem on the existing curve. This would make it a straight front and back with longer curved sides. Doing this would set it apart from my the dress I patterned it from.  I trimmed the sleeve pieces into triangle shapes and attached it to each of the sides.

DONE! I love quick refashions! This dress turned out to be super comfortable and can be dressed up or down! It is possibly a tad short but I will always wear my black bike shorts under so no mater where the wind blows I’m covered! I think I prefer it belted, but it looks good either way!

I just finished it yesterday and it has already been worn to a birthday party and for a long walk in the park! The only thing I may change is the hem on the arm holes. I think taking just a bit more off would give me a better shoulder line. Other than that I am really happy with it and I think it will transition to fall quite nicely!


As always until next time stay creative!


2 thoughts on “From Long Sleeve to LBD!

  1. barb says:

    What a diff in the B&A shot.
    I confess to liking the dress better without the belt. More dressier….date wise!
    I like the 2 long pendants you added.


    • sew892 says:

      Thank you! After wearing it a few times I am now on the fence on what way I like better. I guess that’s a good thing it means it has a greater diversity? The pendents are among my favorites the longer one is actually a watch!


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