Dressing Gown to Dressed Up



Just a quick refashion for today! As you know from my last posts I took a trip back to home to Minnesota. I can tell you that small town thrift stores are the BOMB! img_1430Like $.50 and item at one and a $4 all you can fit in a bag sale at another (Tags shown above)! I also got a ton of inspiration from going to the Mall of America. One piece of inspiration started this refashion. One of the best stores I went in was Ragstock. While there I noticed that they were selling vintage dressing gowns to wear as kimonos! What a novel idea, but for $24 I think I can thrift my own! I purchased this one for around $.20 (it was part of the bag sale) and another one for around $4 (it is vintage Hawaiian from Hawaii in the middle of podunk nowhere in MN I had to have it). My grandma didn’t necessarily see the vision behind the look and after trying to wear this one I had a bit of agreement with her that it still looked like a robe. I decided to grab some fringe from the fabric store to throw on the bottom to make it look more like a rocker kimono. Well I soon found out fringe is expensive and putting $18 a meter fringe on a $.20 robe is crazy talk. So I decided to make my own!


$5 later and an entire roll of crochet thread later I was ready to go! Some of my inspiration for the fringe was:


Sorry about the selfie photos! I am redecorating my apartment and stuff everywhere, but there are a few refashions there too! I tried this out two ways once with the distressed jean shorts and one with a simple black dress! I am thinking about possibly adding more fringe, but that can be added later! Overall I think adding the fringe and omitting the belt it looks far less like a robe.


This is my small towns county fair parade! Till next time as always stay creative!


4 thoughts on “Dressing Gown to Dressed Up

  1. Mother Deer says:

    What a fun post…I laughed at the tags and the various clothing sizes. From Size 8 to 6XL??? Hahahaha. Your handmade fringe was a great idea. I have a former lingerie kimono that I wear out in public as well…at least now I’ll be in style. Loved the tractor parade too; thanks for sharing your vacation picture 🙂


    • sew892 says:

      You are very welcome Mother Deer! Counting those tags was so fun! The 6XL is a men’s t-shirt it goes down to my calves!! No idea what I am going to do with it yet but I couldn’t pass it up! I am so glad you enjoyed the parade photo!


    • sew892 says:

      Thanks Barb! I’m not sure what the fabric is the tag has been cut, but don’t you love the colors!! The stores I go to are all over the place with what they do with tags. Some have full printed out tags others are totally tag less and they expect you to find a sign or ask!


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