Outfit #1-Inspiration

For my first outfit I wanted to use some of the items I already had in stock to refashion. I have a rather large stockpile at this point so I may as well use some of it. An item that I have been wanting to refashion for a while is a leather jacket. A leather (vegan or otherwise) jacket should be a staple of every wardrobe. I find that they are quite practical, somewhat timeless, and can be worked into many different outfits. From there I went on several of my favorite inspiration outlets such as Tumbler, Pinterest, and Instagram. Some of my inspirations looks

For this outfit I have decided to refashion a leather jacket and mom jeans. I also plan on making a fringe bag out of an old leather jacket.

This is the self inspiration i have put together on Polyvore! Seeing it all laid out makes me rather excited to get started on this project! I plan on making my refashions similar to these items found. They wont be exactly spot on but I will draw certain aspects and characteristics from them.

Outfit #1-Layout

This is the self inspiration i have put together on Polyvore! Seeing it all laid out makes me rather excited to get started on this project! I plan on making my refashions similar to these items found. They wont be exactly spot on but I will draw certain aspects and characteristics from them.

Refashion Inspiration-No1

Refashion Inspiration-No1 by sew-892 featuring retro t shirts

Retro t shirt
25 CAD –

Zara biker jacket
175 CAD –

Topshop jeans
80 CAD –

Converse canvas sneaker
36 CAD –

Badgley Mischka satchel purse
275 CAD –

Tiffany Co art nouveau jewelry
1,660 CAD –

14k earrings
510 CAD –

Eye makeup
25 CAD –

Outfit #1-Mom Jeans

TopShop Moto Mid-Blue Mom Jeans


I decided to start with the jeans. I picked up this pair of  mom jeans this past week at Talieze. Best part was they were half off! Worst part was I got home and realized they had already been cut off and hemmed shorter .
Thankfully they had left a considerable amount for me to let down, and mom jeans are worn cuffed or short to begin with. I started by seam ripping out the hem and ironing it flat. Then turning the jeans inside out I gauged how much I would need to take in the legs to give it the appropriate look. I found these nifty craft clips at the dollar store they are perfect for quickly clipping and looking at the results before adding pins (and you don’t poke yourself). IMG_8320[1]
From there I used a standard mechanical pencil and drew a straight line from the thigh to the ankle. Some tutorials say to contour it to fit your shape, but I was ok with a straight leg look. From there all it took was a quick zip of my sewing machine and a try on to determine if I liked the shape.
Here my right leg is done. You can see how I have tapered the leg. Sadly even after letting out the hem they were still slightly short on me. I decided I liked the taper and decided to do the other leg as planned. I quickly tried them on again then made another straight stitch to reinforce the original one, and a zig zag stitch to prevent fraying. From there I cut off the excess fabric and ironed a new hem for the bottom. I had to go around the hem twice because the stitching on these jeans is a rather light off white and I wanted it to look as unmodified as possible.
So there you have it first outfit piece done! I am quite happy with how they turned out. I might distress the new side seam and hem to make them look more true to the jeans.

Outfit #1-Leather Jacket

Pre-owned Zara New Tags Faux Leather Moto Biker Coat S Nwt Motorcycle Jacket
I decided to tackle the leather jacket next! I found a great starter jacket at the goodwill outlet (so $1.60 a pound). Issue was it was to small. Well partially to small the top half of the jacket fit fine but when it came to my hips well as with most things it just didn’t fit.
There was also a few rips and seam popping going on. Overall it was a perfect blank slate. I started by tackling the widening of the hips. For this I took a side seam and inserted a triangular piece that I had added stitch-work and an additional piece to add interest at the bottom.
Next I decided to do the stitch-work on the shoulders. I had to straighten out the padding that was already present in the shoulders, but surprisingly didn’t have to add any more to get the look that I wanted.
Finally I did the last of the decorative stitching which is on the cuffs. This I will admit was the hardest of the decorative stitching. This was because the cuffs have the smallest area to work with and I could only do about six stitches at a time. I decided to not go down to all the way to the bottom of the cuff like in the inspiration photo.
For the decorative stitching on the shoulders and cuffs I made all of the lines with one long stitch. I hid the stitch that connects each parallel line in an existing stitch or a seam. I think I am done adding decorative stitching, but I am going to wear it a few times before I insert the lining. There is nothing worse then thinking a project is over then wanting to tweak something.
And WALLAAAAA! Yes I am trying to pull of my best studious look. Overall I am quite happy with how it turned out. It is amazing what adding a few areas of interest can do to a somewhat boring piece.

Outfit #1-Fringe Bag

Badgley Mischka Gaia Fringe Satchel


Last but not least was the leather fringe bag! This was by far the most extensive leather project that I have tackled so far. When I originally set upon this outfit project I had planned on making a fringe purse for myself, but a few weeks ago my friend and I were shopping and she had sticker shock when looking at a similar fringe bag. Since I was planning on making one anyway I said I would make it for her!




 A lot of sketching and planning went into the design of this one. Even then I ended up having to revise my plans several times to accommodate the leather I had to work with.
I ended up being able to go with my original plan for the back which was two leather panels, but the front I had to go with three smaller ones for the top and pocket. To stabilize the pocket and keep it closed I put a small strip of Plexiglas under the leather. I had originally planned on using magnets, but the ones that I had on hand were either to small or to heavy. By using Plexiglas the pocket remains flexible,but keeps the pocket from falling down spilling the contents and exposing the lining fabric.
The strap was one of the hardest areas to decide what to do. I have already made a few other items from this leather jacket so I didn’t have that much for a long cross-body strap, and with it being super soft I wasn’t sure if it would stand up to the daily use that this purse could have. I decided to go with a part chain part leather strap. I was inspired by the chain straps Chanel is famous for. Luckily for me my significant other works at a hardware store so all the hardware on this purse was amazingly cheap. I also designed it in a way that it is easy convertible to an arm bag, shoulder bag, and cross body strap. Below are photos showing it using a different purse as a demonstration.
The zipper was also an area of some contention. I didn’t have one on had that was an exact fit, but I had a separating zipper that I could use. I removed some of the existing teeth and moved the stoppers on the top to make it the correct size then just sewed a leather zipper tab on the bottom to stop it from ever separating.
All and all I am quite happy with how this project turned out. She is over the moon about her new purse! One of my favorite things about this project is that I had almost everything on hand.
The leather was a back panel from this old leather jacket that I have used for several other projects, and the lining fabric was made from the legs of a pair of pants that I had turned into these awesome shorts last summer . The zipper was purchased for pennies at a thrift store and as as stated earlier the hardware was purchased at a deep discount.
Here it is at its debut! Breakfast at the local Cafe, and a little later in in use at the thrift store!

Outfit #1-Complete!

Refashion Inspiration-No1
How did I do? I’m thinking rather fantastic! This outfits over view is:
Jeans: Talize $4
Jacket: Goodwill Outlet $3.50 (estimate as priced per pound)
Bag: Leather (from a jacket) and zipper were purchased at the goodwill outlet $3 (estimate as priced per pound), hardware from a hardware store $6, lining fabric from pants turned into shorts $.50
Other Clothing:
T-Shirt: Goodwill Outlet $1 (estimate as priced per pound)
Shoes: Hand-Me-Downs FREE!
Jewelry and Accessories:
Earrings: Antique store $1
Scarf: Goodwill Outlet $1 (estimate as priced per pound)
Signet Ring: Value Village $15
TOTAL: $35.00!!!
A whole outfit including jewelry for $35?!?! Some areas are just estimates because I often shop at the goodwill outlet and it is hard to figure out exact prices when getting ten or so items. If you have any questions please feel free to comment or contact me using my contact page! Also check out my Clothing to Refashion page and feel free to give me ideas on what you think I should do!